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Product Labelling

Corrugated Recycles Logo-


The corrugated recycles logo promotes recycling, it indicates that the product can and should be recycled.

For information about the scheme and the environmental advantages of corrugated material for packaging isavailable on the International Corrugated Case Association website or Fibre Box Association.

Recyclable Logo-

The Recyclable Logo is an internationally recognised symbol used to illustrate recyclable materials.

Why recycle?7703-Recyclable2.jpg

All the waste that your business/or you produce has both a financial and environmental cost associated with it which is often underestimated.  Resource efficiency is not just an environmental advantage, it is also an important business process that could potentially save your organization a lot of money.

Did you know waste typically costs 4% of a company's turnover and by finding ways to reduce your waste, your company could become more profitable?  Visit the Wrap website to find more about what is possible through recycling.

Recycled Logo-

The Recycled Logo designates a product containing recycled content, but why buy packaging containing recycled content?

Firstly, it will reduce your environmental impact, conserve resource and energy and closes 'the recycling loop.'7702-Recycled2.jpg

The recycling loop was developed to illustrate the life cycle of a recycle material, i.e., material made --> material recycled --> recycled material made into something else.  Hence, purchasing a product containing recycled content is closing the loop which determines the success of recycling programs.  It also stimulates markets for reclaimed materials and reduces the number of materials going to the land fill.

Suggested product: our recycled paper tape is made from 100% recycled materials.

Waste Saving Logo-

The Waste Saving Logo illustrates a packaging alternative that reduces waste and cost without compromising fitness for purpose.  Products which are produced on longer length rolls save space, reduce packaging and save money on transporting and storage.  For example the majority of our stretch film rolls are 300 metres long, bubble rolls are 100 metres long (small bubble) which are longer than many other similar products on the market.

Suggested Product: Packaging Tape 132m Length7704-Waste_saving2.jpg

Packing tape is available as standard in 66 metre length rolls (50 metres for paper tapes).   However, we stock packing tape in 132 metre length rolls (100 metre for paper tapes). 132m length rolls use the same core but holds twice as much of a product on a roll, you will;

  • Reduce core waste for disposal by 50%.
  • Reduce packaging costs as lower cost per metre. Reduce warehousing and transport costs
  • Reduce the time wasted when changing rolls on the packing line

Biodegradable Logo-

The biodegradable logo signifies that the packaging is able to decay naturally in a way that is not harmful to the environment.

This essentially means that an item can be disintegrated into its base elements by bacteria, fungi, or some7705-Biodegradable2.jpg

 other biological process.

If the packaging is biodegradable, it means that it will eventually break down if that product were to end up in a landfill; however, it would emit greenhouse gases while doing so.

Compostable Logo-

The compostable Logo signifies that the packaging has been tested and is suitable to decompose in a non-commercial facility.  For instance, the end user can decompose the produce in their own premises; the materials will break down or become useable compost in a safe manner.


Why buy products containing compostable materials? Compostable materials are an easy and cost-effective.

 way in reducing your waste and carbon footprint as the product disintegrates without the need of being sent to a commercial facility - saving you time and money.  Eliminating waste closes the life cycle of the product withoutthe need to dispose material to the landfill.

If you would like further information on environmental legislation, please click here to be directed to the website of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.