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The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a non-profit organization that sets certain standards to ensure that forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner. Forests are managed with consideration for people, wildlife, and the environment.

FSC ensures that there is no-

1. Illegally harvested wood

2. Wood harvested in violation of traditional and human rights

3. Wood from forests in which high conservative values are threatened by management activities

4. Wood from forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use

5. Wood from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted

Why are forests important?

Our forests provide clean water, purify the air, maintain biodiversity, provide habitat for species, and play a central role in reducing the impacts of climate change. When managed responsibly, forests are also a source of renewable and recyclable products.

Overharvesting forests, or mismanagement of a forest, could lead to loss of plants and animal habitat; soil erosion could lead to floods; people that work in the forest could lose their jobs; lead to a loss of Aboriginal homelands and cultural landscapes and many other effects.

What makes FSC forests special?

FSC-certified forests must be managed to the highest environmental, social, and economic standards. The forests must be managed in a way that protects water, soil, and wildlife. Aboriginal Peoples, forest workers, industry, and forest owners try to come to consensus on how the forest will be managed. This is what makes the FSC system unique and ensures that a forest is well-managed, from protection of Aboriginal Peoples rights to the methods of harvesting trees.

How do I know which products are FSC certified?

You will find the FSC marque on many different products in our range such as stock boxes and bags. Look out for our FSC logo on product pages indicating which products are FSC certified. 

The following product ranges are FSC certified (look out for FSC information on the "i" icon on product pages).

Cick here to view our FSC help guide PDF.