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View our range of packaging materials via our downloadable brochures

Company information regarding our packaging materials, adhesive tapes, printed tape, postal products and new products can be downloaded below.   If you require a hard copy of any of the below, email and a member of our team will be in touch.

Kilby Product Brochure Click here to view our NEW 2022 product brochure which provides a comprehensive overview of packaging materials, equipment and bespoke products.

Alternatively complete our enquiry form for a hard copy to be mailed to you.

Entire Corrugated Case Range 

Stock Box Size Guide   This PDF lists our entire range of corrugated cases, including single wall, super strong, double wall, "pop up" crash lock and postal boxes in SIZE order. Click here to download.

Paper Mailing Bag Range

This PDF lists our three ranges of paper mailing bags in size order, making it easy for you to choose the right bag for your products. 
Click here to download.

How to Choose Your Printed Tape Design

    4900-Printed_Tape_Guide.png   Our 3 page PDF details easy-to-follow steps to help you choose an effective tape design.
Click here to download and see our Stock Printed Tape Ink Colours here.

Royal Mail Size Format Packaging

  Our 2-page PDF details our range of postal products that comply with Royal Mail's Letter, Large Letter and Small Parcel sizing.  Click here to download.

ColomPac Brochure

Colompac Brochure Click here to view our latest Colompac Packaging catalogue. 

Colompac is well known for their high quality ecommerce packaging which is quick and easy to use, for both you and your customer.  Every product has a quick to close self-adhesive strip and a perforated tear tape for easy opening.  See the range online.

Complete our enquiry form for a hard copy to be mailed to you.

Packaging Tape Help Guide 

4465-Tape_Guide.JPG   Our 1 page Storage & Handling of Tape PDF details the best storage environment for packaging tape and the best way to seal your boxes depending on packed weight.
Click here to download.

Safety Knives Our helpful comparison chart highlights the key features and uses for each of our Safety Knives, enabling you to choose which is most suitable for your needs.  Click here to download.

Martor Leaflet 

Click here to view our Safety Knives, Martor Leaflet.

Quality Certificate

A copy of our Interface Quality Certificate.
Click here to download