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Air Cushioning Systems

Air Cushioning Systems


Air Cushioning Sytems produce a stream of air pillows or cushions which can be used around, between and on top of the packed product.  The size of the pillows can be varied and the film is perforated to tear off as required. 

 - Dust free, economic and effective shock and impact protection. 
-  Space saving - cushions are produced on demand.
-  Produces lightweight void fill - ensuring shipping costs are kept as low as possible.
-  Different cushion sizes for different functions - protecting, void filling, wrapping, separating and corner protecting.

We have a wide range of Air Cushioning Machines available.  For more information on their specifications and to get a quote fill in the enquiry form below or give one of our Packaging Experts a call on 01564 823176.

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Lightweight, sustainable protective packaging made from 100% recycled material, saves natural resources and reduces CO2 emissions. 

Please contact our sales team using the form below or call on 01564 823176.

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